2014 Award
2014 Award

This pool was five years old when a crack developed. The crack started at the base of the handrail which eventually caused the concrete beneath the waterline tiles to loosen. The whole area, including the handrail and the anchors were cut out because they were the reason for the damage. Since the homeowner advised that they did not have use for the handrail anyways, we suggested that the homeowners to keep the handrail out to avoid further problems. 


This is an example of our work. 

Crack Before Repair
Crack After Repair

So we lowered the water level, cut out the concrete, remodeled the edge, replaced almost the same tiles from our diverse stock and finished the repair with the same plaster that was used for the lanai. 

The pool was equipped with a total of 2 handrails. Fortunately, the handrail which caused the crack was not used by the homeowners on a regular basis. 

Crack Before Repair
Crack After Repair

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